Story Book : Kids 1.1.0

Source:Christopher R

Free Interactive Kids Stories for the new generation!
Listen the stories with audio and text.

Story List
* The Brahmin's gift
* Foolish Lion & clever rabbit
* Fox reared by the lion
* Monkey and the crocodile
* The Moon Lake
* A Flower a Day
* Jemima the Nosey Giraffe
* The Ugly Fairy
* Princess of Fire
* The Evil Goblins
* The Sword of Peace
* Art Town
* The greedy cloud
* Colourless Tiger
* The Mysterious Juggling Clown
* Never Make Fun of a Rhino
* A Different Take on Halloween
* The Fairy and the Shadow
* The Magic Window
* Trouble in the Science Class
* The Little Star
* Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster
* Fiona Famous
* An Octopus in Trouble
* Boobuan monkeys
* A Village on the Road
* The Opera Singer
* The Tree and the Vegetables
* The Red Moon
* The Good Pirate
* The Best Robot
* Bigmouth Fox
* The Magic Tree
* The Queen’s Journey
* Chocolate Tears

*Please install voice data to hear stories(go to Settings -> voice input and output -> Text to Speech settings

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